för att vara lite självgod..

"Jesse you are the hottest Swedish girl i no x] you could be a brilliant model,
iv known your for long time to :)<3"
"Jesse - You're so gorgeous! I love your face"
"Jesse (cupcalke) - i still cant get over how beautiful she is..."
"Jesse - I think you can pull off any hairstyle. -jealousy-"
"i just wish we can talk privately, you were always one of the few ppl i consider hot in , someone i like to see in pd, someone who's too original and too unique, someone who i can relate to, ive always wanted to say hi, but appropriate time never came, yet!"
"jessecupcake- your gorgeous xD"
"Jessicsca Cupcake - an awsome sense of style!"
"jessy cupcake - super cute huhh make me melt haha"
"Jessecupcaake- ohgirl, i fuckin love your face it's so delicate lookingg."
"Jess- just getting to know you better, but you're really cute and I like talking to you a lot"
"jessecupcake: you're so beautiful i wish you lived closer so we could be buddys"
"Jessica Cupcake- sweetheart! ur so down to earth i member we use to talk on stickam, u were always very nice :]"

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Jag håller med alla. Du är underbar.

2008-11-26 @ 18:15:31
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