we are in los angeles

i will write this in english because it's so much easier. we left san francisco yesterday morning, drove all day and finally found a best western inn in cambria, somewhere far far away, almost. but it was soooooo nice, only paid $27 per person. and before we went to bed, we swum in the pool and then sat in the jacuzzi for a while. pretty awesome. then we ate a great breakfast and drove towards LA. and here we are, impossible to find parking, at least during the day. we've got a computer in the room so i'll probably update more this upcoming week :)

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2011-01-23 @ 11:31:26
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Postat av: Shrimpie

Asså, jag följde din blogg för ett tag sen och nu hittade jag den av en slump!

Skitkul att du skriver än ^.^

2011-01-23 @ 13:50:16
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Postat av: Aimee

haha, you're like super pretentious. That's a horrible personality trait. You know that right?

2011-01-25 @ 22:28:14

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