en quick liten update

yesterday at disneyland, busy philipps(laurie from cougar town) walked by and today at universal(which btw was AWESOME) we walked by brad garrett(robert from everybody loves raymond) when they were shooting a scene for a movie or tv show. it's hollywood alright. we got to see wisteria lane, the set from jaws and psycho.. and a bunch of other kickass things. tomorrow there will be no six flags because it's closed!!!

Postat av: Stina

Åh, coolt! Jag vill också :D

2011-01-27 @ 08:08:24
URL: http://obsessivecuteness.blogg.se/
Postat av: Kristìn <3 David

tnaw, coolt! du skulle ju stanna och pratat med dom!

2011-01-27 @ 08:18:09
URL: http://xoxomassacre.blogg.no

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