orkar inte ens läsa

"lolz idk i think that is the weirdest thing ever oh hey sry about those stupid comments on my other myspac ei jsut think ur really awsome even though i dnt no u rly ha but think ur rly nice thats all so yeah im sry 4 the comments it wotn happen again unless u tlk to me or sumthing .. but yeah idk she stole ur pix ur name and ur words like ummm idki about where u live but where i live in the u.s. you can get a lawsuit agaisnt her for doign that becuas ethat called playderisim or how eve ru spell that sya like if you copied off a book you can go to jail for that because word for word if you knwo what i mean idk im just syaing if i were u i wld do sumthign about ur fakes bc its retarted liek that kenzie keblings girl omfg i rly rly rly wish i cld beat her up 4 real bc not only dose she have ur pix but shes a total bitcha nd ic an not handle it any more i told her if i ever found out who she eally is and find he rin real life i wld beat the shit out fo her haha anywayz i did report that girl but idk if it worked im srys hun u ahve so amny fake si know its prolly annoying as fuck"

Postat av: Anonym

förstår dig... asdryg person

2010-03-06 @ 23:41:46
Postat av: Anonym

det där var två meningar

jag gråter

2010-03-07 @ 01:25:51
Postat av: Erik

Mitt ansikte blöder

2010-03-07 @ 11:15:00
Postat av: Anonym

woah. känns lite som att läsa text utan vokaler.

2010-03-07 @ 12:43:02

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