My nerves will be the death of me, I know.

so here's to living life miserable.
and here's to all the lonely stories that i've told.
maybe drinking wine will validate my sorrow.
every man needs a muse and mine could be the bottle.

maybe then i could sleep at night.
i wouldn't lie awake until the morning light.
this is something that i'll never control.
my nerves will be the death of me, i know.

city and colour - the death of me

Postat av: Sanna

City and colour är så bra mys musik<3

2008-10-28 @ 20:49:54
Postat av: jessica

that's an understatment. city and colour är.. allt. haha.

2008-10-28 @ 21:11:01
Postat av: elin

klart jag är!

2008-12-11 @ 16:48:17

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